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Your local, family run carpet cleaners

We use the world's most advanced cleaning systems

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Refresh your carpets with a deep carpet clean. Using the latest technology to lift the most stubborn of dirt from deep within the fibres. We use the Texatherm patented cleaning method. Even the very worst stains can be removed. Go on, test us, we love a challenge. Before you think about spending out on new carpets, give us a call. Oh and your carpets can be dry within 30 minutes!


Mattresses are used on average a third of every day. Bed is our haven, so ensuring your mattress is cleaned and sanitised is a top priority. We can remove those unsightly sweat and urine stains, leaving your mattress looking good as new. Lay back and enjoy your fresh smelling bed.

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Is your favourite armchair looking a little grubby? We can thoroughly clean your armchairs, sofas and dining chairs. The patented Texatherm cleaning system ensures a deep clean of all upholstery without over wetting, which can lead to damage and staining. You can even sit on your favourite armchair by the time we've packed up! Call us today for a no obligtion free quote.


We've all been there, a glass of red wine gets knocked over during a party. Maybe your potty training youngster decides to use the carpet as their toilet. Perhaps a friend accidentally spills coffee on your brand new sofa? Don't panic and certainly don't rub it in! Instead call the experts in carpet and upholstery stain removal.

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Many homes have at least one room with a hard floor. Cleaning these types of hard floors is what we excel at. Using the patented Texatherm cleaning method we can bring your hard floors back to their sparkling best. Cleaning tiled, limestone, ceramic or Karndean is what we are trained to do. Trust the experts to ensure your hard floors are cleaned to perfection.

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Call us in case of any emergency spills. Perhaps you have an important meeting arranged and suddenly the milk carton gives way and you have 2 litres of sour milk seeping into your carpet. Maybe the paint pot gets knocked over as you're decorating. Don't panic, give us a call and speak to the emergency spills experts.

Modern Building

Many commercial premises will be fitted with carpet tiles. Cleaning commercial carpet tile requires a specialist cleaning system. The patented Texatherm cleaning system works superbly on carpet tile. We can clean your carpets and they will be dry within 30 minutes, ideal for busy call centres with 24 hour operations. The low noise level of our cleaning equipment ensures no disturbance.


Whether a landlord or tenant, you need to ensure your property is in the very best of states. Before letting any property you need to ensure all areas, including carpets are deep cleaned. We can cover all aspects of the cleaning for end of tenancy or preoccupation. Tenants, be certain that your deposit is returned by using our end of tenancy cleaning service.

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Dear future customer,

Please be wary of cheap carpet cleaners. Carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning is a specialist profession. We have invested thousands of pounds on the very latest Texatherm cleaning equipment. Our operatives have been extensively trained to ensure your carpets are in safe hands. A cheap carpet cleaner will most probably damage your carpets and upholstery. A professional carpet cleaner invests in the best equipment, solutions and training. This investment ensures that when we clean your carpets, upholstery and hard floors, we are giving you the very best service and results. You spend your hard earned money on expensive flooring and upholstery, make sure you ask a professional to clean it.












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